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Moore Music - Not Moore Guitars!

We are Moore Music. We carry a full line of most musical instruments. If we don't carry them, we know where to get them. Purchases, rentals, repairs and lessons - Moore Music is here to provide you with access and resource to almost every common instrument used today! Guitars are certainly the biggest item requested and sold, but there's a lot more to sound - ask us today...we probably have it!



 Eastwood Studios Update:


Our sister project Eastwood Studios has matured into a fully functional professional recording environment. With many successful projects and recordings completed, we have decided to devote an entire website just to Eastwood.  Our goal was to offer the Sandhills a top of the line studio, run by musicians and seasoned engineers. The environment enables you or your band to experience new directions and sounds with all the equipment and processes we have meticulously put in place.

The summer fun is coming to a close here in another month or so; think about what your goals and aspirations are when it gets cold! It's the perfect time to reinvent you sounds, styles and approach to your overall musical vision. We love music, creativity and fun. Experience a no attitude, productive environment with Eastwood studios. And, check back often for the new website release!





MOORE Music now carries Marshall Line Amps!

Here's some history, pay some respects. These amps made legends...


By the end of 1965 a production of 40 amplifiers and 100 cabinets per week was unable to reduce the growing back orders. Demand, fuelled by the appointment of a distribution company, exploded. The world was crying out for more Marshall. The solution was another move. Marshall now moved to Bletchley, Buckinghamshire into 7000 sq.ft. Export sales grew as the success of British bands spread abroad. Throughout the 1960's Marshall sound powered the most influential and original guitar players. From Pete Townshend with The Who, Eric Clapton with his distinctive Bluesbreaker tone, then with Cream; to Ritchie Blackmore with Deep Purple and the greatest ambassador of all, Jimi Hendrix. With his prodigious guitar talent, he used the power of Marshall as a creative tool and as an extension to the instrument itself. 1968 and the sales explosion created the need for greater capacity. A 14000 sq.ft. purpose built factory was opened and at last the world market stood a chance of fulfilment. Investment in massive PA systems powered the tours of many early 70's “super groups”. Multi coloured Marshalls appeared and the product range expanded.


By 1975 the first transistor heads were introduced, followed by the first Master Volumes in 1976. Guitar styles soon adapted to squeeze the most from this extension of the Marshall sound. Here began the quest for gain which continues to this day.


1981 saw the end of the 15 year distribution contract and the introduction of the JCM 800 Series. We were now fully back in control of our own destiny, with phenomenal products, another demand explosion occurred. The long awaited Split Channel amplifier came in 1982 and was an instant success, with it's incredible flexibility and distortion control; the world loved it!


One of the proudest moments for Jim and the company came in 1984 with the presentation of the Queens Award for Export Achievement. This was followed by the move to our present site, where a staff of 90 now occupied 50000 sq.ft. Another personal triumph for Jim was his induction into the Hollywood Guitar Centre Walk of Rock in 1985.


Celebrations of the Marshall 25th Anniversary and Jim Marshall's 50 years in music, reverberated throughout the world in 1987, Special Limited Edition Jubilee products received great acclaim and continued our upward spiral.